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ldwandco is an agile team that together with close associates has broad experience in designing and building residential and commercial properties in Europe and California. Our team provides personal and focused attention to every detail, allowing us to manage, design and build our clients’ projects on schedule and within budget. We put our heart and soul into all we do!

With our principal, Lydia Dubois Wetherwax, our passion for architecture and design grows each day with the perpetual challenges of working in harmony with human nature and our natural environment. We enjoy finding the specific and unique needs of each of our clients and delight in bringing them new perspectives, sharing with them our interests in new technologies, materials, green environmental concerns, and evolving styles of living.


About Us 25Lydia Dubois Wetherwax was born in the Loire Valley, in the heart of France, into a creative family distinguished for model and décor designing and building. She studied interior architecture in Paris and spent ten years working on residential, commercial, and cultural projects with multiple award-winning teams, including the Le Grand-Palais Museum Architectural Office, CHD Architects, and Odile Saffroy Architect, among others. 

In 1997, she moved to San Francisco with her American husband for four years. While working with various architectural firms such as the award-winning H. Richardson and Lewis Butler and the renowned international firm STUDIOS, Lydia gained experience and expertise in new American construction, in addition to her independent projects. Lydia moved back to Paris in 2001 and collaborated with various independent teams including TMA Architects, which won a governmental competition project. 

Later, Lydia joined “Jeux de Plans” architectural office led by Nicolas Roche for three years. They worked on international commercial and high-end mercantile projects in Europe and the US, including Versailles, Barcelona, London, Detroit, and New York City. 

In 2005, Lydia and her family moved to Los Angeles, where she worked with Linda Brettler, an architect featured in the press, on various stylized residential projects. She then worked for a few years with high-end residential architectural firm Kovac Architects on projects in and around Los Angeles, utilizing the latest LEED materials and processes of green design. 

In 2009, Lydia started her own business in West Hollywood and has since worked with her tight-knit team on numerous commercial and residential projects.